With the recently projected commercial infrastructure in the region, it is expected that this new business boom will create a dramatic increase in residential demand in the area simply because of the large number of people who will have their jobs or enterprises in the area. There is currently a large deficit in the inventory of residential developments in the region to meet the demand for future developments mentioned. So, investing in Real Estate in this region will be a very prosperous business for the coming decades. This project fits this market perfectly and also will be a very attractive place of residence for retirees, second homeowners and Costa Rican families migrating from the Central Valley looking for a more peaceful living environment with nature, combined with modern comfort and amenities.


This property is so easy to get to from San Jose.  We are off of Highway 27 (The new Caldera Highway) that runs due west from San Jose and the existing international airport. We are only 2 miles away from San Mateo & 3 miles from Orotina, just west of San Jose. Orotina is a bustling little town that has many grocery stores, banks and markets, as well as restaurants with great seafood, Tico food and more! We are only about 45 minutes from the Escazu shopping districts to the east and only about 30 minutes from the beaches to the west.

Real Estate For Sale in Costa Rica

One of the 2 houses on the property can easily be turned into a beautiful, welcoming sales office, located inside 
the project. Room for meetings, planning with your valued clients 
& ultimately. . . . . . . .CLOSINGS!

Royal Palms
San Mateo
Current International
Royal Palms of San Mateo
In Proximity to the New Technical & Data
Campuses in San Mateo/Orotina. . .
In May of 2016, a $1.8 million contract with the British engineering company, Mott Macdonald, was signed to conduct a technical and financial feasibility study regarding the construction of the International Metropolitan Airport of Costa Rica. This study confirmed that the areas in the county of Orotina / San Mateo are viable for the development of this project.
It has the appropriate altitude (250 meters above sea level) and a low impact of winds.

In early 2017, the Solis Administration announced it had received the complete report regarding the technical viability for the international airport in Orotina, Alajuela.  It also presented a few weeks later the much-awaited master plan for the proposed project.  This airport was meant to replace the Juan Santamaria International Airport, which supposedly will be unable to meet future passenger demand beyond 2026.  Yet, for the current government, this project is not a priority.

“The country has a series of works that require attention.  Not everything can be done at the same time.  We will carry out a master plan that will tell us at what moment it (the Orotina Airport) will be necessary”, commented 
the Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Rodolfo Méndez Mata, in an interview with national daily, La Nacion.

The first stage of the Orotina Airport is supposed to be ready by 2027; and will involve an investment of nearly $2 billion USD.  We anticipate a public statement of such news very soon.

click on images below to expand
Rendering of Birds-eye View of 
Proposed Orotina Airport
So many beautiful beaches close by. . .
Phase 1
24 hectares
Phase 2
Approx. 10 hectares
Phase 3
Approx. 30 hectares
Royal Palms of San Mateo Extends a Warm

to Our New Neighbors!
La Ceiba free zone presented the first phase of its project, who's investment is estimated at $200 million in the next 10 years, to house a total of 10,000 jobs in the complex.   Read More Here
La Ceiba Free Zone:
Logistics Park in
Funded by the IDB study shows that the canton of Orotina located in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica has the best resources to form a logistics park.

The logistics park will be designed to promote the development of community services, be a catalyst to encourage ongoing partnerships between local industries and regional universities.

There is an opportunity for this plan to connect to the Logistical Corridor Pacific largest project which it is planned to pass through the Panama route to Mexico. 

Distance from Royal Palms of San Mateo: 5 km.
New $225 Million Hospital 
Planned for Puntarenas:
Social Security announced the construction of a new hospital in the Puntarenas province, which will maintain the same name as the current hospital, "Monsignor Victor Manuel Sanabria*, with an investment of $225,702,220.    read more here
International Data Center:
The technology complex for a Data Center located in Coyolar de Orotina has begun its construction of access and infrastructure in 2017.

It is planned to attract companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google 
& other multinational hi-tech giants in the region.

Distance from Royal Palms of San Mateo: 9 km.
Industrial Complex 
"Parque Pacifico
For More than 
20 Companies:
This new park will be located 7km from Puerto Caldera, and its facilities have been designed for industries, warehouses 
and free zones.

Measuring 204,000m2 of land, 6,400m2 of construction & 25,000m2 of machinery yards & workshops, this project plans to employ more than 25,000 workers and operators of production plants and 3,000 senior executives, which it is planned to pass through the Panama route to Mexico. 

Distance from Royal Palms of San Mateo: 11 km.
An Area of Economic Prosperity!
The entire area anchored by Orotina, San Mateo & the Central Pacific Coast is in the middle of an economic prosperity.  

As you can see by these new "neighbors" 
of ours, any property that has the good fortune to be located within the boundaries of this current flurry of activity will fit well into the incredible economic growth, the population boom & the evolving advancement of the region. 

This area also serves as the gateway to the Pacific coastal areas, so popular with tourists from all parts of the globe. Our tourist industry is thriving, with over 3 million visitors in 2018, accounting for close to $4 billion infused into our economy. Become a part of the growth. .
Drone lens view of 
Royal Palms of San Mateo 

The San Mateo / Orotina area is located in the center of the crossroads of 5 important National routes of this new development and also within the residential circle that will be used for future high and middle-end residences of employees needed to carry this out.
Another important plan is to revive the railway to transport passengers and cargo, with the central station in the city of Orotina, right next to 
Royal Palms of San Mateo.
The MOPT and COCESNA, as soon as the contract was formalized for the empalamiento study and main plan of the new airport, which cost is of 1.6 million dollars the company INECO hopes to present to the Government of the Republic the final proposal to give beginning to the process of compara of areas and model of financing of this important work.

At the moment in these meetings and plannings there have been actions of the AZEEPC together with the Mayors of Esparza, Puntarenas, Orotina, San-Mateo, golden Mounts and Market stall.

According to a bulletin of the Association Economic Area for the Central Pacific Ocean (AZEEPC) who met in the last days between the points necessary for the construction of the new International Airport there is constructing and enabling the corridor between San Ramón and Orotina.

This body reviewed the necessary plans for the functioning of the Airport of Orotina. Margot Montero Alcadesa of Orotina was one of the presenter in the meeting of Mayors and Businessmen.

William Barrantes, Presidente of AZEEPC stated that it is so important to communicate to all involved these plans for the new airport.

This new highway would start in Siphon of San Ramón and would come up to the Pozón area in Orotina.  This would be 
38km in  length, joining with the new highway San Carlos.

Also, he emphasized the importance of this route to give more access to the commercial tourist activity and for industrial development as well.

The residents and companies, located in the area of Orotina and San Mateo will enjoy 100% fiber-optic network that delivers blazing-fast Internet speeds and an enhanced 
TV-viewing experience. This will provide the fastest upload and download speeds, all on the nation's largest fiber network.
In addition. .
• AT&T Internet is #1 in customer satisfaction over other             major cable providers
• All necessary equipment will be included
• 99% reliable network
• 100% fiber network
Abundant Water on Our Property:

Our property has abundant water sources. In addition to the presence of AyA and the 3 wells on the property, we have been advised by the authorities (The Costa Rica Water & Sewer Institute / AyA) that because of the amount of water available on our site, we have the ability to create our own water distribution system within the boundary lines. This is a huge consideration when purchasing property in Costa Rica. 

Many of the properties in the Northern area of Costa Rica have been denied permitting because there is literally no water to support any new / proposed construction.  We do not have this problem.

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Royal Palms of San Mateo
*Complete Business Plan

Available in Spanish & English
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*Cadastral (Property Boundaries) Document
*Uso del Suelo (Land Use) Document
*Permiso de Construccion 
 (Construction Permit) Document
*Satellite Map of Property
*Planos de Los Lotes (Lot Drawings)   Documents
*Google Earth Map Presentation

Royal Palms of San Mateo
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Orotina Will No Longer Wait for the Airport & Will Resume Regulatory Plan:
Orotina decided to resume the regulatory plan that it had suspended in 2016 when the previous government announced the construction of an international airport in that canton. read more here
San Mateo Invests to Become a Logistics and Industrial Hub:
Costa Rica is an Amazing Country:
*Costa Rica is home to more than 5% of the world's biodiversity.

*Nicoya is one of the blue zones on the planet.

*Costa Rica is the 2nd biggest exporter of bananas in the world.

*Tourism is the leading industry in Costa Rica.

*There are more than 1,400 varieties of orchids in Costa Rica.

*More than 25% of the land in Costa Rica is dedicated to national    parks, reserves & wildlife refuges.

*2018 brough just over 3 million worldwide tourists to Costa Rica!
Costa Rica's Economy (updated 2/6/2019)

Since 2010, Costa Rica has enjoyed strong and stable economic growth - 3.8% in 2017. 
Exports of bananas, coffee, sugar 
and beef are the backbone of its commodity exports. Various industrial and processed agricultural products have broadened exports in recent years, as have high value-added goods, including medical devices. Costa Rica's impressive biodiversity also makes it a key destination for ecotourism.

Foreign investors remain attracted by the country's political stability and relatively high education levels, as well as the incentives offered in the free-trade zones; Costa Rica has attracted one of the highest levels of foreign direct investment per capita in Latin America. The US-Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), which became effective for Costa Rica in 2009, helped increase foreign direct investment in key sectors of the economy, including insurance and telecommunication. 

Many international countries are calling Costa Rica 'home'.  Expansion seems to be at its highest in many years with no end in sight.  See some of the current growth under our "Welcome Neighbors" section of this website.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Costa Rica's History, Government, Geography, Population statistics, Economy & So Much More. . .
International Business is Expanding Rapidly Here in Costa Rica:
Costa Rica is the Most Exporting Country 
in Central America:
(click here to read more)
Edwards Lifesciences Invests $100 Million to Expand its Operations in Costa Rica:
(click here to read more)
Kimberly-Clark WIll Invest $42 Million 
in Costa Rica:
(click here to read more)
Boston Scientific Becomes the Largest 
Medical Device Company in Costa Rica:
(click here to read more)
Amazon Announces the Creation of 
2,000 Job Openings in Costa Rica:
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Costa Rica's 
Multinational Investors 
& Where They're Located: 
Companies Such as Panasonic, 
Wal-Mart, Phizer, CitiBank, Canon,
Dole, Roche Pharmaceutical, 
Levi's Strauss, Intel, Abbott Labs
& many more. . 
(click here to read more)
Genpact Will Open Service Center 
in Costa Rica:
(click here to read more)
Royal Palms of San Mateo 

is located between San Mateo 
and Esparza.  

RPSM is close to projected future commercial developments (see below for many examples).

It is also conveniently close to 
the Pacific Ocean, the popular tourist town of Jaco, the international shipping 
Port of Caldera & 
the town of Puntarenas.

Total property area: 64 ha (641,268m2) (just over 158 acres):

       Flat & gently-rolling land. 
       Abundant fruit trees & tropical vegetation.
       *1 registered water well with capacity of 12-15 cc /per sec. & high ground water                   table over the entire property with the option to open additional wells to              
       to meet the needs of the community. 
       We also have municipal water lines installed in certain areas.

       Easy access to the beautiful Rio Pachuca, which creates the western boundary 
       of the property.
       *Extensive land shaping, clearing & site preparation has been completed 
        on a major portion of the property.
       *Building permission of Municipality of San Mateo (issued October 01, 2015).
       *SETENA (Secretaría Técnica Nacional Ambiental) environmental approval for 
       “Uso Agricola”, including use of soil has been granted.
       *Goodwill from the Municipality of San Mateo to accelerate 
        any desired additional approvals.  
       *Detailed survey maps with elevations have been created.

Great Opportunity for Developers & Investors! 
  Residential / Commercial / Industrial
64 Hectares

   Property offered in its entirety or in any number of parcels. 
Maps & Distances from 
Royal Palms of San Mateo to Popular Areas:
San Mateo
(click on each individual map to expand)
Liberia International
Caldera International
Jaco Beach
San Jose
Juan Santamaria 
International Airport
Entrance to Royal Palms of San Mateo
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Costa Rica Leads Latin America in Technology & Innovation:
(click here to read more)
Growing Tech Businesses 
in Costa Rica in 2020:
(click here to read more)
Drone lens view of 
Royal Palms of San Mateo
& surrounding area. . .
San Mateo & Orotina

This area of our website will be populated with new information as it is available to us regarding all of the amazing growth in this area of Costa Rica.

With the New Orotina International Airport not getting its deserved go-ahead, we will post how the local business leaders, as well as the local residents are moving forward in a positive manner.  Again, with all of the growth in this area, there are many prosperous days ahead to look forward to!  Housing will be in demand.  Tourist areas are close by.  This area is in between San Jose and the Central Pacific coastal areas.  The Port of Puntarenas is nearby as well.

While Costa Rica came in second of all Latin American countries for Global Competitiveness, it ranked a noteworthy 47th out of 137 countries evaluated. Switzerland achieved the number-one honors for the ninth consecutive year, followed by Singapore and the United States.

Costa Rica has solid institutions, excellent infrastructures and offers good services in many areas including productive real estate businesses. In addition to foreign investors, the country’s own citizens seek opportunities through entrepreneurship. Health Care and both primary and secondary education score high, partly attributed to the good social progress policies in place since Costa Rica’s independence. Availability of mobile internet and keeping up with technology’s pace also contribute to high marks.

New Business Area Valued at More Than $200 Million Will be Built in Orotina. . .
(click here to read more)
Marketing Technology Company Expands Operations in Costa Rica:
(click here to read more)
Modus Create Consolidates in Costa Rica & Looks to Fill New Positions:
(click here to read more)
29 of the Fortune 100 Companies
Have Operations in Costa Rica. . .
(click here to read more)
San Mateo invests in creating the conditions that turn it into a logistic and industrial hub that generates sources of employment and wealth to the canton.

It is in this line that the local government has invested in the Labrador district to improve the conditions of infrastructure and services, and promotes training projects for residents in the skills demanded by companies.  read more here